Little Girl's 3rd

 Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A long overdue post about the celebration of little girl's third birthday (November). We treated the girls at Sylvania Morino Kitchen. It  is a character cafe of Sylvanian Families, the lovable animal collectibles based  in a video game with woodland creatures such as beavers, hedgehogs, mice and bears. The cafe is themed with Sylvanian furniture and figurines. When you get off the elevator on the third floor, it leads into the cafe where a large Sylvanian doll greets visitors.

Sylvania is popular to parents with small kids, the cafe has a small play room, where kids can watch Sylvania animes. The kid's area and the shop are located on the left of the counter.

Her "me" time in her own corner.

They serve full meals and desserts....portioned for adults and for kids. There's burger steak, omurice, chicken, fish and a variety of other dishes.

Drinks include coffee, soda, tea, beer, wine, cocktail, fruit juices, and other non-alcohol beverages. The place is an excellent choice and an alternative to coffeehouse chains nearby...both adults and kids would enjoy the setting.

I'd say the food selection are also great not to mention very pleasant. 

A complimentary cake for the birthday girl. We enjoyed it there and so did she.

シルバニア森のキッチン ららぽーとTOKYO-BAY店 千葉県船橋市浜町2-1-1 ららぽーと
TOKYO-BAY北館 ハーバーグリル2階
TEL : 047-421-763
営業時間 : 11:00~22:00 21:00ラストオーダー


Sylvanian Mori no Kitchen
Chiba ken Funabashi shi Hamamachi
2-1-1 Lalaport Tokyo bay
North Harbor Grill 2nd floor



Suika (Watermelon)

 Monday, March 28, 2011

The kids and I enjoy both red and yellow watermelons...they almost taste the same but the yellow variety have this honey- aftertaste.--- Hopefully I get to try the square watermelon next time!




Aburage to Komatsuna..

 Thursday, March 24, 2011

Aburage are pieces of prepared tofu used as an ingredient in dishes. I cut tofu blocks into flat pieces -squared or rectangular, I then drain the liquid and fry them up in oil. I then remove them from the fryer, and pour boiling water over them to take off the excess oil. When cooled, they are pressed to remove any of the boiling water that was soaked up.

They end up as puffed pieces of cooked, browned tofu that you can open like a pouch.

Aburage are used as a wrapper for food, or chopped-up as an ingredient in other dishes such as stir fries or like this dish. I stirred the Aburage with Komatsuna...Japanese spinach.




Giant strawberry

 Monday, March 21, 2011

That's my 4 year-old daughter with a giant strawberry in her hand.





Grilled mackerel

 Thursday, March 17, 2011

A simple dish for dinner, grilled fish.

Haven't blogged for a while...still enjoying the simple things in life and hoping that the tremors would stop. Please visit my other blog. Thank you!




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